" 2020 : The Year to Trust & Obey !!! "

President & Founders 

Bishop Michael A. Burger Jr.

First Lady Kristie Leigh Burger

    Trinity Bible

School & Seminary

Trinity Bible School and Seminary is a multi-denominational Online Bible College which offers service to adult learners who wish to further their Christian education and/or ministry training but do not wish to leave their families, churches, or communities. We offer ordinations also.

Watch President and Founder of Bloodbought Ministry, Bishop Michael A. Burger Jr.  Live on FACEBOOK & BTN, Monday - Friday at 11:30 pm (eastern) as he addresses the important issues Christians face. Lives are being Changed!!

Midnight Devotions


        Sundays @ 10 am  (Eastern)

        Tuesday @ 10:30 am (Eastern)

      Wednesdays @ 6 pm (Eastern)

            Broadcast Live on

          ROKU , Youtube, CWM

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