Due to the passing of Bishop Michael, The Bible School  will not be operating until further notice. .

Trinity Bible School  &  Seminary



Cardinal Christina Schilder


Bishop Dr. Michael Burger Jr.

Dean of Education / Instructor

Who We Are


Trinity Bible School and Seminary is a multi-denominational Online Bible College which offers service to adult learners who wish to further their Christian education and/or ministry training but do not wish to leave their families, churches, or communities. We offer ordinations also.


Trinity Bible School and Seminary is authorized and approved to grant degrees in the United States under the United State Constitution and is recognized as a 501(c)(3) organization under the Leadership of BLOODBOUGHT MINISTRY as stated in the Internal Revenue Service letter of determination dated February 13, 2011.


We are not affiliated (accredited) with any regional or national accrediting agency and will operate, successfully, as a school of ministry with students graduating and serving in a variety of areas including teaching, preaching, missions, and counseling. Trinity clearly understands the purpose of accreditation. However, as noted by the US Department of Education, and all US DOE recognized accreditors, accreditation is a voluntary process.


We do have special acknowledgement from Oral Roberts University, St. Louis Christian College, Holy Apostles College & Seminary and Kenneth Copeland Ministries.

Trinity Bible School & Seminary is a certified member of the Academic Council for Educational Accountability ACEA was created in 1998 by Dr. C. Peter Wagner to provide relational accountability to a network of Christian educators, training programs, and schools.


Ordination Seeking Students


Prerequisite requirements for Ordination-seeking students is that.you are required to have a high school diploma or have completed the General Education Development (GED) test.


Application Fees


Trinity charges an application fee of $50.00 paid with the Application for Admission by those desiring to enroll in the school or seminary. All fees are non-refundable unless otherwise stated.


Enrollment Policy


Trinity does not discriminate against any applicant on grounds of age, religious preference, gender, race, color, ethnic/national origin, or physical disability.


Tuition and Fee Information


Trinity does charge  $15.00 a semester for  Certificate Students. Certificate programs are not considered to be working toward a degree;

Trinity does charge 15.00 a semester for those working toward a Undergraduate and Graduate degree without Ordination.


Trinity does charge  $15.00 a course or  $35.00 a semester for those who are looking to be Ordained. Ordination requires a full 5 semesters.




We offer Associates, Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate Degrees

We also offer Ordination.

Enroll: Email Us @ bloodbought4jesus@yahoo.com



                                            Semester One

1. Developing A Strong Spirit

2.The Blessing of Abraham

3. Untouchable: God's Protection

4. Truly Rich

5. Heirs of God

6. Prospering in Tough Times

7. Bulldog Faith

8. Untouchable Faith

9. How to reap Your Harvest

10. Spirit of Increase

11. Going Up : God's way of Protection

                                               Semester Two

1. Overcoming Stress, Anxiety & Depression

2. Faith that can move Mountains

3. Salvation 

4. Healing and Wellness

5. Jesus Name Above all Names

6. The Holy Spirit

7. Sacred & Immaculate Hearts 

8. The Three sets of Gifts 

9. Authority of the Believer

10. Covenant Made By Blood

11. Understanding who you are in Christ

12. Healing Always

13. Walk with God

                                             Semester Three

1. Mercy

2. Why the Liturgy 

3. Walking in the realm of Miracles

4. Church History 

5. God's will is Prosperity

6. He did it all for You

7. Lost Books of the Bible 

8. Forgotten Books of Eden 

9. and Jesus Healed them All

10. God's will is Healing

                                             Semester Four

1. The Truth about the End Times... 

2. Mary, Mother of God

3. Know Your Enemy

4. Prayers & Devotions 

5. Holy Water / Holy Oil 

6. Lent & Easter 

7. Advent & Christmas 

8. Holy Orders in the Church 

9. Apostolic Succession 

10. Confession & Absolution 

11. Eucharistic Adoration

12. Baptism in the Holy Ghost 

13. All of Grace 

14. Hearing the voice of God/ Meditating on God 

15. Discernment 

                                                Semester Five

1. Christian Counseling 

2. Strongholds vs. Sin 

3. Blessed to a Blessing

4. Stir yourself Up

5. Spiritual Check-Up

6. Homosexuals/Drug Addicts/Alcoholics 

7. How to create a sermon 

8. Preaching / Teaching 

9. Fasting 

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