Bishop Michael A. Burger Jr.

Bishop Michael is a man after God's own heart.  His desire to break down the dividing walls between denominations is the drive and backbone of this ministry.


He is always there to help others especially concerning Truth in the scriptures and helping anyone who wants more of what God has to offer.


He is known for his unconditional love he shows to everyone never isolating himself from those who need him.

 He has utilized the media genre to further the Kingdom and is always expanding the outreach of this ministry through those venues. He demonstrates

daily the power of Faith and gives hope to those who struggle with the "WHY'S" of life.  He has created a place where all Christians no matter what denomination, can come and feel welcomed.  


The multi-denominational aspect of this ministry allows ALL welcome and opens eyes to the fullness of what GOD has for us.

 He is a man who seeks God's face and strives every moment to grow into what God has created him to be.  We are blessed to have him and look forward to what God has planned for this ministry under the oversight of Bishop Michael Burger. 

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