Cardinal Christina Schilder

Cardinal Christina Schilder is a woman of the Lord. Her heart belongs to  God the Father, the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.


Oct. 10, 2008 She first contacted us to see what we were all about....We were called "Journey of Faith" ministry then and mostly on blog talk radio through the TalkShoe platform... So much has happened since that day... She has become our little lighthouse showing others the way to the true light of Christ.... Helping so many through Prayer and follow the voice of God and making major decisions and moves to continue this ministry..........


Cardinal Christina is a Former Manager of Capitated Services at Medical College of Wisconsin.  


She has earned a Doctorate of Divinity Degree, a Doctorate of Religious Studies and Doctorate of Theology from Trinity Bible School & Seminary and  also Studied at the  Medical College of Wisconsin. 

Currently Cardinal Christina serves as the Cardinal of Bloodbought Ministry. A Cardinal is the senior priest of the  church. Their duties include participating in all elements of the ministry. As Cardinal, Christina acts as the immediate assistant to Bishop Michael Burger Jr. The Role also calls for her to carry out all church duties and to assign duties to other individuals who serve in the ministry. She also maintains the doctrinal, spiritual and social elements of the ministry.

Cardinal Christina also is the Leader of our Prayer Team. She is a woman of intense prayer. Her intercession is powerful. 

Cardinal Christina has a program on the BLOODBOUGHT TELEVISION NETWORK.  The program is called TIME OUT w/ Oma. It is a devotional program that teaches  the doctrinal, spiritual and social truth's from The Word of God.  

Cardinal Christina is an very important part of the ministry. We are blessed that the Lord has called her to this ministry. She is a beloved part of God's work in this world. As we continue to share the truth of God's Love with this hurting world, she will be one of the major parts of that great fruit producing mission.

Many are called. Few are chosen. Cardinal Christina is not only Chosen and Called,  she  is set apart for such a time as this.

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