Tony Watson

Tony's Favorite Quote:

" There are no limits, the only limits we have are the ones we set on ourself." 


CMA, (Country Music Association)

ICCMA, (Inspirational Christian Country Music Association)

AMG, (Artist Music Guild)

ICCAN, (International Cowboy Church Alliance Network)

ASCAP, (American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers)

Tony Watson, a multi-talented singer/songwriter, is an accomplished musician, playing a variety of instruments, from string to percussion. This West Virginia native honed his country style while performing nationally and internationally with both symphonies and rock/country bands. The wide appeal of his heartfelt music, evidenced by his growing reputation as a composer of original music and lyrics, has earned Tony international artist ranking and a global audience.

Tony Watson has also been a supporter of BLOODBOUGHT MINISTRY. Tony through prayer, wisdom, and financial support has helped the vision of Bloodbought ministry to reach out to those in need. Bloodbought has been able to clothe the naked, feed the hungry, help those who have been sick & bring the word of God to those hurting spiritually. Bloodbought has even seen families restored and lives changed for the better. Tony has been an amazing part of it.

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